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How would you like to be coached by a mega influencer with 450,000 followers?

The reality is, you can either spend years of effort, make so many mistakes, and learn the hard way. Or you can have a successful influencer teach you their methods and tactics directly, and answer questions that might be holding you back.

With Plus, you will jump on a live group session every 2 weeks with a successful influencer like Ray Kim.

Each session consists of 2 parts.

Part 1 will be a lesson covering an aspect of the influencer journey (such as content creation, follower growth, brand collabs etc...).

Part 2 will consist of your influencer teacher (i.e. Ray Kim) answering your questions directly. You can type them into the group chat, and Ray will go over every single question to make sure you learn and know what you need to do.

So would you like to grow your influencer career? This is by far the best and fastest way to do it.

Typically, Ray charges $1000 per hour for a service like this. But if you do it through us in a group session, Influencee Plus is only $37 USD per month.

Moreover, signing up to Plus includes access to our Training, 7 Day Challenge, Influencee Pods, and more products we'll be releasing soon!

Are you ready to supercharge your influencer growth and start growing more than 100 followers a day, collaborating with your favorite brands, and making money for every post you make? Join Influencee Plus now.